Internships Set Union High School Students on Career Paths

Students at Union High School got the opportunity to pursue their career interests through on-the-job training with local businesses. Senior Noah Winstead completed an internship in engineering that surprised him with its outcome. 

“Through my school’s internship program, I was able to intern with Allied Locke for the first semester of my senior year,” Winstead said. “I was able to shadow mechanical engineers who produce chains for machines in the paper industry. Through the internship, I realized that I would not enjoy a career in engineering. But thankfully, I did learn that I absolutely love business.”

Though the internship experience did not turn out as Winstead had planned, he gained important career insight and now has a new direction to pursue in college. 

Senior Parker Rigby had a positive internship experience, as well: “I didn’t know what to expect when I first stepped foot into the ER as an intern. It amazed me how much I could learn about the job by observing the doctors and nurses working there.” 

During his internship in the medical field, Rigby was able to observe different procedures and scans that use new technologies and procedures. His experience helped him solidify his plans for the future: “This internship helped me plan my career pathway….I definitely gained more knowledge than I ever expected.”

Winstead also credits his internship as a key influence for some of the big decisions he must make as a high school senior: “This internship and my other extracurricular activities have shown me what I am passionate about, and I look forward to what the future holds.” 


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