Tippah Construction Students Use Grant Funds to Benefit Community

Tippah County Career and Technology Center offered construction students a new opportunity this year: building picnic tables for South Tippah School District pre-K students. This project was made possible through funds provided by a grant from Donors Choose. 

Prior to the 2016 school year, Tony Elliott, director of the career and technology center, and Art Flaherty, construction instructor, met to discuss how Flaherty’s 35 construction students could assist with the need to provide an outdoor space for pre-K students to use at snack and lunch times. Elliott and Flaherty decided that the construction students could build picnic tables for the pre-K students, and all would benefit. Flaherty applied for a grant from Donors Choose to pay for the supplies needed for the nine-week construction project.

"It was the teamwork of the students that made this a successful project,” said Flaherty. “It's amazing to see the pride of the students when they see their work benefiting the community. The project allowed the students to witness firsthand what it’s like to invest in their community and give back."

Additional tables constructed by the students were donated to the city park. 

"This construction grant provided supplies that could not be bought with our existing funds,” noted Elliott. “It was great to see this grant benefit our students and benefit the community. Students can see these tables every time they drive by the pre-K [building] or go to the city park."


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