Health Science Students Provide Health Screenings to Preschoolers

Last fall, for the second year in a row, students in Monroe County Career and Technical Center’s health sciences program offered health screenings to children enrolled in the Monroe Early Learning Collaborative. Both first- and second-year health science students participated in the screening process, which included testing the four-year-olds for weight, blood pressure, vision, and hearing.

During the screenings, each of the 21 participating pre-K students rotated through stations managed by health science students. At the last station, a health science student calculated the pre-K students’ body mass index.

"Doing health screenings for the preschool kids really helped me learn how to use my skills faster and get accurate results,” explained second-year health science student Kala Lettieri. “The experience helped me see how nursing would really work if I were to ever work with children. I really enjoyed it. It was such a great hands-on learning experience."

Leaders of Monroe County Career and Technical Center’s health science program hope to grow their relationship with the local early learning collaborative and continue working with the preschoolers in future years.


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