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The MS-CPAS Minute is a monthly publication of the Research and Curriculum Unit's Assessment team. It is designed to help CTE directors, test coordinators, and instructors stay up to date with the latest news about CTE assessments. It is the primary means of communication from the assessment team to stakeholders around the state.



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    Bell Ringers, Reminders, and Practice Runs

    Periodic tasks and responsibilities tend to be things that cause difficulty, both for students and educators. In fact, it happens quite a bit for the assessment staff. Changes in job processes, such as some types of MS-CPAS deliverables, can cause minor snags...Read More


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    Passion With a Purpose

    If you are anything like me, tasks and responsibilities that are only completed periodically each year tend to slip the mind when the calendar flips around to that time. New job processes, such as some things in MS-CPAS, may also add to this uncertainty. February always signals a time for us in assessment to become focused...Read More
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    Turning Over a New Leaf

    January is always one of my favorite times of the year. For me, it signals cooler temperatures and the promise of a looming spring. It also sparks a time of renewed energy and focus for most of us. After a much needed break, students and educators are ready for the start of the spring semester...Read More
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    Reliable Weather or Scores?

    For us in Mississippi, the weather in December brings varying degrees of difficulty when it comes to deciding what to wear. By no means have I ever attested to have Mississippi winter weather patterns figured out after living most of my life in the state. This variability, at least for me, always introduces some skepticism...Read More
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    Fall Forward

    For us in Mississippi, November typically brings cooler temperatures, the end of daylight savings time, colorful foliage, and Thanksgiving break. For those of us in education, it also means we are getting closer to midyear in our schools and beginning to prepare for fall MS-CPAS testing...Read More


Sean Owen, PhD
Associate Research Professor

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