Performance-Based Assessment


Real-World Student Assessment

Performance-based assessment (PBA), like all MS-CPAS assessments, is designed to measure students' mastery of competencies in the course curricula. In performance-based assessment, students encounter work-based scenarios similar to challenges they may face in the real world, providing instructors and outside evaluators a unique opportunity to see how students would perform in their actual fields.

Performance-Based Assessment Resources

Use this manual as a guide to plan the 2018-2019 administration of PBA at your center.

This handout lists the CTE testing dates for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Use this document to train PBA instructors and evaluators on how to score student work.

Use this document to assist PBA evaluators for architecture and drafting, polymer science, and simulation and animation design in scoring student work.

Use this document to assist PBA evaluators in using OSCAR to score student work.

Use this document as a reference for scoring student interviews.

Mississippi Ed Talk - Episode 14

Dr. Roslyn Miller and Ashley Priebe Brown are interviewed about performance assessment in Mississippi's CTE program.

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Performance-Based Assessment: Students Weigh In

CTE completers give thumbs-up to PBA

Showcasing Student Skills

Performance-based assessment expands to include eight program areas in spring 2014