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The Mississippi Career Planning Assessment  System (MS-CPAS) is a criterion-referenced assessment aligned to the Mississippi Career and Technical Education Curriculum Framework. The MS-CPAS assesses concept and skill comprehension and application based on program competencies and national industry standards. Students answer a variety of multiple-choice questions that vary in Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels regarding curriculum content. Each report denotes a student’s mastery of the curriculum content in both the overall assessment and at a course or unit level.

The primary reports generated from the data express scores as points earned and percentages. The percent score is then compared to the state’s mastery criterion standards or performance levels. Based on the percent score, a student’s scores are classified as minimal, basic, proficient, or advanced proficiency levels. The Office of Student Assessment in the Mississippi Department of Education establishes state performance level standards for each individual program. Use the main menu or the labels below to access your school district's reports. Please note only authorized personnel can access the assessment reports at the local or state level.

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