CTE Promotion

Share your CTE story with the world!

We want the rest of Mississippi to know what you already know — CTE is much more than the vo-tech of yesteryear. Your students are preparing for college and high-demand careers with cutting-edge learning methods. This toolkit is designed to help you spread the word about the amazing things your students are accomplishing.

As of November 2021, the toolkit will no longer be contained within a single .zip file. Based on feedback from Mississippi CTE educators, items may now be accessed individually below. Most files provided below are hosted on Dropbox. If you have trouble accessing any of the files, please contact the Help Desk.


For help with the Toolkit, or to provide feedback, contact Brock Turnipseed, RCU Marketing and Communications Manager.

662.325.2510 | brock.turnipseed@rcu.msstate.edu