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Episode 1: Computer Science for Mississippi- Part 1

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March 8, 2017

As part of the Computer Science for Mississippi (CS4MS) pilot program, Mississippi elementary and high school students are exploring the ins and outs of computer science. In the 2016-2017 school year, 106 elementary schools and 50 high schools from 38 Mississippi school districts signed up to participate in the CS4MS pilot. Students at these schools are getting hands-on instruction in topics like coding, robotics, and digital literacy. In addition to these technical skills, students are also forging getting practice in critical thinking and applied logic. While the CS4MS pilot currently encompasses curricula for K-5 and high school students, education officials in Mississippi plan to grow the program so that it covers all K-12 by 2024.

In the first of two episodes on the topic, we take a closer look at the CS4MS pilot program and how it’s unfolding in Mississippi’s schools. We speak with key actors Randy Lynn (founder of Kids Code Misssissippi) and Shelly Hollis (project manager at the RCU) about the genesis of the CS4MS program and the need for computer science education in Mississippi. We discuss the inspiration for the pilot program, its projected growth, and the anticipated economic implications of the program for Mississippi.

Interested in learning more about CS4MS? Contact Shelly Hollis at shelly.hollis@rcu.msstate.edu. And check out the following links for additional information and hands-on activities related to computer science.


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