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Episode 3: Career Academies

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April 7, 2017

More and more public schools across the Magnolia State are incorporating career academies into their high schools. This unique model of education allows students to connect real-world skills to essential concepts learned in the classroom. An important aspect of career academies is their tie to career and technical education (CTE), which provides students with the technical skills, education, and practice to be ready for college and future careers.

The career academy model works in conjunction with CTE to establish learning communities that relate to specific career themes. These academies then foster connections that help students tie their career focus to academics, CTE, and vital partnerships with employers, the local community, and colleges.

Career academies are proven to increase student achievement, reduce the dropout rate, increase postsecondary attainment, encourage schools to partner with industries to cultivate in-demand skills for students, and improve the earning prospects of students. To date, about a dozen school districts have adopted some form of the career academy model in Mississippi. This episode explores how career academies work, the ins and outs of their implementation, and how students, parents, and the community perceive this new innovation.

Interested in learning more about career academies? Contact Myra Pannell at myra.pannell@rcu.mststate.edu or 662.325.2510 for more information and to learn how to bring career academies to your school. See the links below for fun facts about career academies and to learn more about Impact Learning.

Want to learn more about CTE? Check out the following links to better understand how these programs prepare students for college and the job market.


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