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Season 1, Episode 9:
Dispatches from New Teachers

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October 2, 2017

Each year, hundreds of new teachers join the profession in Mississippi, many of them through an alternate route to certification. This month, we talk with four such teachers—three in the elementary grades, who earned their certification through a distance program offered by Mississippi State University and one high school career and technical education teacher, whose licensure is through the Vocational Instructor Preparation program, a portion of which is offered here at the RCU.

From what it’s like to have an inclusion classroom of students with a variety of special needs to the ins and outs of preparing students for the health and sports medicine fields, we delve into the details with these teachers. We talk about their classroom strategies, how they found their jobs, and why they wanted to become teachers in the first place.

For more information on alternate route programs at MSU, please visit the Center for Distance Education’s website. Details for the Vocational Instructor Preparation program can be found on the RCU’s website.

Research Minute

In this month’s Research Minute, we provide some strategies for supporting new teachers. One of those is a strong induction plan. The New Teacher Induction program offered by the RCU is an excellent tool for CTE teachers. Some additional induction models supported by research are linked below.

The New Teacher Center

Induction Programs That Keep New Teachers Teaching and Improving

Comprehensive Induction

Teacher Induction


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