Mississippi's Special Schools for Math, Science, and the Arts

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Season 1, Episode 11:
Mississippi's Special Schools for Math, Science, and the Arts

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December 1, 2017

How does a specialized residential high school differ from a traditional high school? This month, we talk with teachers, students, and administrators from the Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science (MSMS) and the Mississippi Schools of the Arts (MSA) to hear their take on those difference and their schools. Each group discusses what sets apart their students and some of the projects they complete.

First, we talk with MSMS executive director Germain McConnell, mathematics teacher Lauren Zarandona, and student Daniel Smothers about the ways students get involved, like math competitions and job shadowing. Then, we speak with MSA executive director Suzanne Hirsch, visual arts teacher Kelly Varner, and senior dance student Kenya Moore about how students are involved with each step of the production process, whether planning an art exhibit or developing a dance routine. In each discipline, students are not only responsible for learning material, but also problem-solving and putting their knowledge into action.

In this month’s Research Minute, Carl Smith discusses what physical education looks like in schools, both nationally and at the state level, and Amanda Gronewold shares how schools can prepare for National Career and Technical Education Month with the RCU’s CTE Month Toolkit.


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