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Season 1, Episode 14:
Performance-Based Assessment

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March 1, 2018

In the modern age of education, testing is commonplace, but those assessments come in multiple forms. In this episode, we look at performance-based assessment, or PBA, which is a type of assessment that requires students to demonstrate their knowledge through a project or presentation. To learn about PBA's state and national history, research, and outlooks, we hear from two guests who work in the field.

PBA has a history of implementation in elementary through high school classrooms, and in Mississippi, it is primarily used in career and technical education. Ashley Brown gives us an update on Mississippi's outlook with PBA and some of the changes they are currently making after we hear the national perspective from Roslyn Miller.

Brown and Miller discuss several frameworks and resources they use while working on PBA for Mississippi, including Understanding by Design framework, Performance Assessment Resource Bank, and Center for Collaborative Education in Boston.

Finally, in our Research Minute, we take a look at the Teaching English as a Second Language or TESOL program with Holly Holladay to learn how teachers and universities are approaching teaching English language learners.


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