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May 1, 2017

Leaders in education across Mississippi are working together to reduce the dropout rate of high school students. While some school districts look to increase student retention by focusing on curricula and teaching strategies, the Vicksburg Warren School District is piloting an innovative, holistic approach called advisory classes to curb the dropout rate.

In addition to improving graduation rate, these advisory classes are designed to engage students at a deeper level and create student accountability mechanisms that motivate students to strive for success.

In this Mississippi ED Talk episode we talk to leaders in the Vicksburg Warren School District, one of Mississippi’s Districts of Innovation, to better understand the inner workings of the advisory classes and how students are responding to this innovation. Tune in as Mississippi ED Talk hosts interview Lucy DeRossette, director of innovative programs in the Vicksburg Warren School District; Eric Green, principal of Warren Central High School; and Susan Stanton, instructor at Warren Central High School.

Interested in learning more about the Vicksburg Warren School District? Check out the unique programs being implemented in this district of innovation.

Intrigued about how your school can join the districts of innovation community? Contact Myra Pannell, senior research associate at the RCU, at 662.325.2510 or at myra.pannell@rcu.msstate.edu for more information.

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