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Season 1, Episode 16:
Science Saturdays

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May 1, 2018

How do you interest students in science topics at a young age? One group in Hattiesburg is accomplishing this by pairing elementary and middle school students with high schoolers through a Science Saturdays for Young Einsteins program.

In this episode, we first talk with Kenny Langley, a project manager at the RCU, about polymer science and the opportunities this pathway offers. In our second interview, James Brownlow, Hattiesburg polymer science instructor; Rhavyn Barnes and Tatum Terrell, high school polymer science students; Zoe Bumhold, a middle schooler; and Zoe’s mother, Catherine, discuss the creation of Science Saturdays and the impact of the program on younger. Through the program, which began in the fall of 2017, polymer science students meet once a month to teach innovative science concepts through interactive lessons and experiments to top performers in the district’s elementary and middle schools. These monthly sessions benefit high school and younger students alike, as Brownlow and students discuss.

Finally, in our Research Minute, Jailaih Gowdy, a communications intern at the RCU, takes a look at character education to learn how schools are implementing this concept and the research on its impact.


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