Mississippi Ed Talk

Season 2, Episode 1:
Summer Training

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Sept. 4, 2018

Summer is commonly thought of as vacation time for teachers, but Mississippi’s career and technical education (CTE) teachers stay busy throughout season with multiple trainings and courses for their own professional development. In this episode, we interview training and course leaders to learn about the different summer opportunities that are offered. First, we talk with Leanne Long, an assistant research professor and Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU) project manager, to discuss in-person offerings, including Methods training, New Teacher Induction, and the MS ACTE summer conference. Leanne shares how Methods and MS ACTE combine veteran and first-time teachers, and how New Teacher Induction serves as a support and onboarding course for teachers entering the CTE classroom for the first time.

Next, we talk with Theresa Wheeler, the RCU’s Canvas specialist, to learn about online course offerings and how these provide specific benefits for teaching, including flexibility and the ability to incorporate online learning into traditional classrooms. Additionally, former RCU communications intern Jailiah Gowdy details the history of career academies and how these take shape in Mississippi in this month’s Research Minute.