RCU, MDE Research Suggests Quality Feedback Boosts Learning Outcomes

August 13, 2021
Contact: Brock Turnipseed

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A collaborative research project between Mississippi State University Research and Curriculum Unit staff and the Mississippi Department of Education suggests quality feedback from career and technical education teachers given to students before statewide summative assessments positively affected students’ learning outcome on future assessments.

Ben Alexander, Cliff Thames, Dr. Sean Owen and Sarah Dygert of the RCU and Jill Wagner, MDE’s agriculture program supervisor, studied how teacher feedback impacts statewide assessment results in career and technical education (CTE) in Mississippi, and their findings were published in the August issue of the International Journal of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Studies.

The researchers surveyed more than 60 CTE teachers in Mississippi, with data from 33 teachers capable of being fully analyzed. The survey responses were mapped to 170 students who took two optional formative practices tests and a non-optional statewide summative test online in spring 2019. A finalized questionnaire was distributed in spring 2020 to teachers in Mississippi’s agricultural environmental science technology pathway.

“We were excited to collaborate with MDE to explore instructional practices that could improve student outcomes in Mississippi’s career and technical education programs,” Owen said. “The findings from this study support what we as educators have always believed. The way teachers guide students throughout the learning process is far more important than the content that they teach. Meaningful feedback does make a difference in student outcomes.”  

The full research article can be read at ijahss.com.

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