SBE CS Endorsements

State Board of Education Approves Computer Science Endorsements

August 27, 2019
Contact: Brock Turnipseed

Future educators coming through the Mississippi State University College of Education now can graduate with a computer science endorsement.

The Mississippi State Board of Education recently approved a 12-hour pre-service computer science endorsement for Grades K-8 and an 18-hour supplemental endorsement for Grades 7-12. The board also approved computer science as an initial area of licensure through MSU’s Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary program. 

Approval of the endorsements comes as part of a National Science Foundation grant. Faculty, staff and administrators from the MSU Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Education and Research and Curriculum Unit collaborated with educators and industry professionals to determine the courses that will satisfy completion of the endorsements.

Courses identified as necessary to teach the Grades K-8 computer science standards are:

  • TKT 4763/6763 – Digital Tools for 21st Century Teaching and Learning
  • TKT 4583/6583 – Graphics and Web Design
  • TKT 4333/6333 – Introduction to Computer Science Education
  • TKB 4543/6543 – Advanced Information Processing

Courses covering the content and pedagogy necessary to teach the Grades 7-12 computer science standards are:

  • CSE/EDS 4990/6990 – Computing and Cybersecurity Classroom Integration
  • CSE 1284 – Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CSE 1384 – Intermediate Computer Programming
  • CSE 2383 – Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSE 2813 – Discrete Math
  • TKT 4333/6333 – Introduction to Computer Science Education

For more information, contact MSU’s Office of Clinical/Field-based Instruction, Licensure and Outreach Director Donna Shea at 662.325.7684 or

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