Staff Spotlight: Cindy Ming

"We have the freedom to think through ideas to find what will work best for teachers and students.”

Ming's Passion for Teaching Transcends to Training Educators 

By Emile Creel

Cindy Ming

“History lets us look at one event to see how it will impact the future—that’s why I enjoyed sharing history with students,” said Cindy Ming, project manager for the RCU’s innovative-schools team.

Impacting the future is what led the former history teacher to the RCU in 2015. Having taught for 15 years, Ming was asked to share her teaching strategies in a professional development session for fellow teachers in the Columbus Municipal School District. She found a new path that would impact not just students, but teachers. On behalf of the RCU, she now plans and leads professional development for educators around the state and has the opportunity to collaborate with others at the RCU to guide schools of innovation, early college high schools, and other groups.

“I always wanted my students to know that society doesn’t just happen. Decisions and policies matter,” said Ming. “At the RCU, I have the freedom to think through ideas to find what will work best for teachers and students. Then, as a team, we develop those ideas.”

One of her assignments with the RCU has been to help collaborate to develop the state social studies curriculum, a field that she had a range of experience in after teaching U.S. history for over a decade. In this assignment, she has worked with the Mississippi Department of Education staff to gather teachers to rewrite and revise the standards for board approval in the upcoming year.

Her latest project at the RCU has been to develop a college- and career-readiness seminar course to prepare students for life beyond high school.

“These courses will cover topics such as what a GPA is to providing ways for students to research colleges and careers.” explained Ming.

Ming also works with districts of innovations to help them reach programmatic goals for their schools.

When she isn’t investing her time in teaching others, Ming can often be found with her husband and two children or in her kitchen cooking. 

“My family and I camp a lot, and camp food is some of my favorite to cook,” said Ming.

“I’ve learned so much from all those I work with at the RCU. It’s a wonderful place to be a part of,” said Ming.

Fun Facts

  • Years at the RCU:

  • Education:

    Bachelor of Science in secondary education from Mississippi University for Women
  • Family:

    Husband, Alan; and two children, Micah, 12, and Hannah, 8
  • Hometown:

    Caledonia, MS
  • Favorite Book:

    Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith
  • If I wasn't working at the RCU, I would be...

    A high school U.S. history teacher
  • On a typical weekend, you're most likely to find me...

    Spending time with my family and cooking.
  • Favorite Subject in School: