Staff Spotlight: Jason Hauser

Everyone here genuinely cares about students."

Hauser Brings Passion for Education to New Role

 By Emile Creel

Jason Hauser

Although he’s a newcomer to the Research and Curriculum Unit, Jason Hauser isn’t new to the world of education.

Hauser, who recently completed a doctorate in history, has a love of storytelling and education—two interests that make him a great fit for his role as an editor on the communication, research, and evaluation team.

Hauser’s love of history developed as a child growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, where he visited the area’s many civil rights museums and sites. Hauser always knew he wanted to teach, and he enrolled in college in the hope of becoming a professional educator. Over the course of his studies, he developed a special interest in the overlap of history and the environment, particularly in the South. Those interests led him to Mississippi State University, the only school in the nation with a specialization in southern environmental history.

“Mississippi State has the only program in the country offering that concentration, which is why I came here for my doctorate in 2012,” said Hauser. And teaching during his doctoral work only strengthened his dedication to education. “I’ve always had an interest in education, and I love story telling. I think the best educators tell the best stories, and I enjoyed sharing stories with students for the past six years.”

His love for education and background in writing and editing led Hauser to the RCU in the summer of 2018, and ever since he’s worked to maintain the quality of the RCU’s publications and communications. He appreciates the wide scope of his responsibilities, which range from editing test banks on agricultural systems for the Mississippi Career Planning Assessment System to working on guidelines for special education classes. Each task, he explains, offers a unique view of Mississippi’s educational programs and the important ways the RCU assists educators in the state.

“The work here has been eye-opening. There’s such breadth, and the curriculum is so different from what I’ve studied before,” said Hauser. “Everyone here genuinely cares about students, and I’ve enjoyed working as part of a team again.”

Away from work, Hauser enjoys spending time outside, whether that involves hiking and camping in the mountainous regions of North Carolina, where he lived for his undergraduate and master’s studies, or just walking his dogs through Starkville’s Cotton District and downtown. Hauser enjoys Starkville’s small-town, community atmosphere that, though different from others areas he has lived, is still rich with the Southern history he is passionate about.

Fun Facts

  • Years at the RCU:

  • Education:

    Bachelor of Arts and master's in history from Appalachian State University and a doctorate in American history from Mississippi State University.  
  • Hometown:

    Birmingham, AL
  • Family:

    Girlfriend, Asha; and two dogs, Mona and Zoe
  • Currently Reading:

    The Revenge of Geography by Robert Kaplan.  
  • Favorite Subject in School:

    History and ecology     
  • If I wasn't working at the RCU, I would be...

  • On a typical weekend, you're most likely to find me...

    grilling and hiking.