Revision Cycle/Validation

Upcoming Curriculum Revisions

Secondary Curriculum to be Revised (Word document)

All RCU curricula is on a five-year revision cycle.

Our Curriculum Revision Process

Each curriculum is developed and revised based on guidelines set forth by No Child Left Behind and the Carl Perkins Act. The goal of creating curricula is to provide teachers a structure for instruction so that they can balance the often competing forces of standards, tests, textbooks, and programs.

  • Writing Team and Meeting Preparation 
    Administrators are asked to disseminate informative writing team memos to instructors. Writing team meetings are held online. All instructors are encouraged to participate.

  • Preparation for Curriculum Revision 
    Instructional design specialists conduct research related to trends in the field as well as locate new reference materials and industry-specific standards.

  • Information from Interested Parties 
    The pathway's instructional design specialist and the revision team collect and review surveys regarding curriculum changes, enabling the team to gather industry- and instructor-specific suggestions for improvements and additions.

  • Textbook Adoption 
    This process is handled through the Mississippi Department of Education's Textbook Office.

  • Canvas Site 
    Instructional Design Specialists create Canvas Resource & Instructional Materials Designed by Great Educators sites, which are designed to allow all instructors to collaborate via the Internet. Instructional Design Specialists post announcements, staff information, survey summaries and industry input, research, new references, and other information in the Canvas site.

  • Instructor Work 
    Instructors are asked to review materials on the Canvas site, complete specific assignments (review and/or revise competencies and objectives, standards, and references, as well as write teaching and assessment strategies), submit assignments for peer review, and comment on the work of other instructors.

  • Writing Team Meeting Curriculum/MS-CPAS2 
    Instructional Design Specialists and the revision team members work together to revise the curriculum document, develop or revise MS-CPAS2, and review materials provided to preservice teachers in the program.

  • Validation 
    Industry personnel, all instructors in the state, and members of the public are asked to review the revised curriculum and make comments. Comments are reviewed and changes are made as appropriate. The final curriculum is approved by the State Board of Education and the Mississippi Community College Board (postsecondary).