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  • CS4MS

    RCU graduates 80 new career-technical teachers

    Eighty new career and technical educators will start the upcoming academic year with advanced teaching skills after graduating the Mississippi State University Research and Curriculum Unit’s (RCU’s) New Teacher Induction... Read More
  • CS4MS

    $35K Google grant to fund CS4MS training

    A $35,000 Google grant will help Mississippi State University’s Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU) train an additional 70 computer science teachers this summer... Read More
  • EPFP

    Miss. education-policy program graduates 18 fellows

    Eighteen fellows representing a variety of statewide institutions graduated from the Mississippi Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) in an April 25 ceremony at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson...Read More
  • Jo Ann Watts

    Staff Spotlight: Jo Ann Watts

    After 24 years in the office, Jo Ann Watts has worked with almost every career and technical education (CTE) pathway, and she wouldn’t have it another way....Read More
  • Kenny Langley

    Staff Spotlight: Kenny Langley

    When talking with Kenny Langley about his passions, a drive for the good of all soon becomes clear over advancing one individual or group, or winning a competition. That mantra guides his work as a project manager at the RCU and in the community...Read More
  • CS4MS + C Spire

    C Spire pledge growing CS4MS initiative

    The Mississippi Department of Education's Computer Science for Mississippi (CS4MS) pilot program is expected to benefit from a recent C Spire commitment to improving computer science teachers' skills and professional development... Read More
  • Pam Stafford

    Staff Spotlight: Pam Stafford

    Pam Stafford, a 10-year veteran of the RCU’s business office, says she is as proud of the work the unit accomplishes now as she was when she first started...Read More
  • Communication/newsroom/Mugshots/Smith, Betsey.Square.jpg

    Smith tapped as interim RCU leader

    Betsey Smith, a 10-year veteran of Mississippi State University’s Research and Curriculum Unit, now leads the organization on an interim basis... Read More
  • Bryant declares December as Computer Science Month, notes MDE-RCU partnership

    Bryant declares December as Computer Science Month, notes MDE-RCU partnership

    Governor Phil Bryant signed a proclamation this month declaring December as Computer Science Education Month in Mississippi and noted the ongoing partnership between the Mississippi Department of Education and... Read More
  • RCU to Facilitate Hour of Code Events

    RCU to facilitate Hour of Code events

    The Research and Curriculum Unit at Mississippi State University will facilitate Hour of Code events for three Mississippi school districts this December. As part of the RCU’s efforts to assist the Mississippi Department of Education expand computer science to every school in the state, the events planned for... Read More
  • RCU Holds CS4MS NIC Kickoff Meeting in Canton

    RCU holds CS4MS NIC kickoff meeting in Canton

    The RCU facilitated a kickoff meeting Friday [Nov. 3] in Canton for the Mississippi Department of Education’s (MDE) Computer Science for Mississippi (CS4MS) initiative, which aims to bolster students’ and teachers’ knowledge and capabilities of computing... Read More
  • Ashley Brown

    Staff Spotlight: Ashley Brown

    Ashley Brown landed in education from a love of reading and learning. While teaching high school English, she enjoyed sharing literature and breaking down problems to facilitate students understanding. Read More
  • Staff Spotlight: Cindy Ming

    “History lets us look at one event to see how it will impact the future—that’s why I enjoyed sharing history with students,” said Cindy Ming, project manager for the RCU’s innovative-schools team....Read More
  • National Science Foundation

    MSU units bring computer science courses to K-12 classrooms

    Two Mississippi State University (MSU) units are leading the charge in bringing computer science to Mississippi’s K-12 classrooms—partially through the funding of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. The over $700,000 grant was awarded to the Research and Curriculum (RCU) to advance training and curriculum...Read More
  • Assessment Cycle

    RCU receives $13.6M assessment contract

    The Research and Curriculum Unit at Mississippi State is beginning the next phase of ongoing career and technical education assessments for the state’s public schools. A 10-year, $13.6 million Mississippi Department of Education contract with the specialized university group went into effect July 1...Read More
  • New Teacher Induction Graduation Ceremony

    New career, technical education teachers at MSU for special summer training

    More than 50 public career and technical education teachers from around the state are at Mississippi State for a New Teacher Induction training program. The two-week program is part of an alternate-route teacher-certification pathway...Read More
  • Melissa Luckett

    Staff Spotlight: Melissa Luckett

    Melissa Luckett didn’t set out to work in education when she completed a master’s in public policy and administration, but over the years, she’s always been drawn to the field....Read More
  • Lois Kappler

    Staff Spotlight: Lois Kappler

    Lois Kappler never wanted to be a teacher. In fact, as a young girl growing up in Edwardsville, Illinois, she was never particularly challenged in school and found it just an expected routine....Read More
  • Mississippi ED Talk

    University center launches podcast on innovation in Mississippi K-12 education

    The Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU) at Mississippi State University has launched Mississippi ED Talk, an audio podcast highlighting the bright spots in Mississippi’s K-12 public education landscape. The first three episodes were released on March 8....Read More
  • Betsey Smith

    Staff Spotlight: Betsey Smith

    Ask Betsey Smith, the RCU’s associate director, what she wishes her fellow Mississippians knew about career and technical education (CTE), and she doesn’t hesitate to answer: “CTE is for every child,” she explained. “Because CTE connects to real life, there is truly something for everyone...Read More
  • CS4MS

    Research and Curriculum Unit staff member attends White House computer science summit

    A staff member from Mississippi State University’s Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU) was selected to attend an invitation-only White House summit on computer science held on September 14, 2016....Read More
  • School Focus

    Inaugural issue of Mississippi K-12 education magazine published

    Mississippi’s new magazine on K-12 education, School Focus, premiered in early August. Produced by the RCU in partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education, School Focus highlights the accomplishments of Mississippi teachers and students...Read More
  • CS4MS

    Computer science pilot program wraps up first teacher training

    The Computer Science for Mississippi program is set to help the state’s students prepare for careers in a high-tech, high-demand field. Also known as CS4MS, the program has completed its summer training for teachers...Read More
  • NTI Training

    New CTE teachers train for classroom through RCU, Department of Education partnership

    A cohort of 94 new career and technical education (CTE) teachers have been honing their skills at Mississippi State University as part of their training and licensure to be teachers in Mississippi...Read More
  • CS4MS

    Computer Science for Mississippi (CS4MS) teacher training kicks off

    The Computer Science for Mississippi (CS4MS) pilot program is kicking off its first round of teacher training this summer at sites across Mississippi. Sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), in partnership with the RCU...Read More
  • Gayle Fortenberry

    Staff Spotlight: Gayle Fortenberry

    Spend much time talking to Gayle Fortenberry, and her dual passions quickly rise to the surface: agriculture and her students. For Fortenberry, nothing matches the satisfaction of watching her former students thrive in college and careers—especially when those careers lead them back to the farm...Read More
  • CTE and Graduation Rates

    Study finds participation in career and technical education (CTE) linked to higher graduation rates

    A recent study from the Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU) at Mississippi State University found that participation in career and technical education (CTE) courses is positively correlated with higher graduation rates among Mississippi high school students...Read More
  • CS4MS

    RCU partners with Mississippi Department of Education on Computer Science for Mississippi (CS4MS) pilot

    The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) has announced the launch of the Computer Science for Mississippi (CS4MS) program, developed in partnership with the RCU. Thirty-four school districts from across Mississippi...Read More
  • Amanda Tullos

    Staff Spotlight: Amanda Tullos

    If you’re looking for Amanda Tullos, you’re most likely to find her where she’s happiest—in the middle of a crowd. Tullos, who works as a project manager for the RCU’s school innovations team, has a hectic work schedule that takes her all over the state to lead professional development sessions...Read More
  • Shelly Hollis

    Staff Spotlight: Shelly Hollis

    As the mom of four children going to school in Lafayette County, Mississippi, Shelly Hollis noticed that, with some updates, the local school district’s website could be improved to keep parents better informed. Hollis called to volunteer her expertise in computer science to keep the website updated, but she received a big surprise...Read More
  • MSU Research & Curriculum Unit

    University research center celebrates 50 years serving public education

    The Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU), located at Mississippi State University (MSU), is celebrating its 50th anniversary. With a focus on preparing all students to graduate ready for college, career, and life, the RCU has a proud history...Read More
  • Roslyn Miller

    Staff Spotlight: Roslyn Miller

    When numbers need to be crunched or a program is in need of evaluation, Roslyn Miller is the RCU’s go-to expert. With her research and data skills, Miller plays a key role in the RCU’s communication, research, and evaluation team...Read More
  • Theresa Wheeler

    Staff Spotlight: Theresa Wheeler

    On equality in education, a matter close to her heart, Theresa Wheeler says, “Education is not and never will be the great equalizer, but it’s a tool nevertheless.” Wheeler says that her tool is research, and she feels a sense of duty to use it to affect education....Read More
  • Alexis Nordin

    Staff Spotlight: Alexis Nordin

    When Alexis Nordin joined the RCU as a research associate in 2012, her past experience in human resources and teaching international students was an indication of the unique voice she would bring to the RCU. Nordin maintains a strong connection to the past, having an uncanny ability to notice what works...Read More

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