Vocational Instructor Preparation

The Vocational Instructor Preparation (VIP) program is a systematic approach to the induction of new career–technical teachers and/or instructors into the teaching profession. It is designed to assure that these new teachers achieve their potential during the period of special licensure—up to three years of initial employment of nondegree and noneducation-degree career–technical teachers.

The VIP program was planned and developed by personnel from the Mississippi Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technical Education and the Research and Curriculum Unit at Mississippi State University with leadership and direction from a steering committee.

The VIP program has as its goal to induct new teachers into the profession and guide their development during the special licensing period. Most teachers in this category are given up to three years to accomplish the matriculation from a “special” license to a “standard” license. The VIP program is a sequence of professional development activities that begin with employment and progress from “most important to know immediately” to activities that meet long-term needs of teachers. The VIP program consists of sequential steps in the process of developing the newly hired “special” licensed teacher into a “standard” licensed teacher.

VIP Modules

VIP Module 1 Schedule

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VIP Module Description

Module 1

History & Philosophy of Career and Technical Education
Description:This module provides an overview of the history and development of Career and Technical Education programs, including a brief account of the origin and early forms of education for work, the various experiments for including education for work in schools, the introduction of apprenticeship into colonial America, and the development of education for work in American schools prior to the passage of the Smith–Hughes Act of 1917.

Textbook needed:
Scott, John L., Sarkees-Wircenski, Michelle (2008). Overview of Career and Technical Education, 4th Edition. American Technical Publishers, Inc.
ISBN:  978-0-8269-4017-9

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Cohort V (2016-2017 School Year)

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