Student Spotlight: Kayann Matlock

Kayann Matlock
  • Clarkdale High School
  • Lauderdale County School District

What is your favorite subject?

English is my favorite subject because I love reading and writing. I also love how there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer because sometimes the answer is based on your perspective. 

Who is your favorite teacher or school employee?

Mrs. (Toni) Buchanan is my favorite teacher. She helps me reach my goals and push the boundaries of the things that I thought I was not capable of. She also has connections with people who are willing to give their time to help me with anything, from research for a project that I am doing to college tours and job insights to help me pick my future career. 

What accomplishment as a student are you most proud of?

The accomplishment I am most proud of is probably participating in the World Food Prize and winning a trip to Iowa in October to present my ideas on how education can benefit people in Honduras and increase food security. I will be one of many from all over the world who will get to participate in this eye-opening experience. 

What club, organization or sport do you enjoy participating in the most?

I enjoy National FFA Organization (FFA) the most because of the relationships you build with other people in the organization. You get to make friendships with people not only in your home chapter, but also others across the state. FFA has helped me build friendships that will last a lifetime with people I would have never met. It has also given me opportunities that I would not have received if I were not a part of the organization, and it has helped me build a name for myself. I am also glad to be a part of the Clarkdale FFA chapter because I am super proud of the impact that my chapter has made in our community. 

What jobs or careers interest you the most?

The job that interests me the most is being a biochemist because I would like to one day, in theory, be able to change the molecular structure of crops in order to make them genetically capable of withstanding any climate.


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