Petal Students Host Blood Drive

Kinsey Bellinger and Kalyn King
PHS senior Kinsey Bellinger (right) checks a donor's temperature before she gives blood, while senior Kalyn King handles forms during September’s blood drive. Both students are enrolled in Health Science II.
Lily James Allison Kennedy

Left: PHS junior Lily James donates whole blood during September’s blood drive. James and her fellow Health Science II peers exceeded the amount of donations they originally hoped to receive this fall and are expected to host another blood drive in the spring.

Right: Petal High School (PHS) senior Allison Kennedy donates double red blood cells during September’s blood drive. She is enrolled in Health Science II at the school.

Health science students at Petal High School (Petal School District) partnered with United Blood Services in September to host a community blood drive as a way to learn leadership and organizational skills.

Two students in each class led the effort as coordinators, while others conducted a variety of jobs during the drive.

“When I found out [I was chosen as a student coordinator], I was both terrified and excited. I was scared of messing up, but at the same time, I was happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of the experience,” said PHS senior Abby Shows.

Other student coordinators included  junior Anna Beeson and seniors Breanna Cooper and Kaitlyn Jones.

Due to the worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus, stringent safety measures were put in place to protect donors, students and workers. The drive exceeded its goal and collected almost 80 donations.

PHS health science students host two blood drives each academic year, and organizers say they hope to hold another event in the spring semester.


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