Student Spotlight: Jordyn Smith

Jordyn Smith

What is your favorite career and technical education (CTE) class?

My favorite CTE class is Marketing and Economics because of the various life skills it teaches. While taking this class, I learned many valuable lessons on topics, such as business and personal finance, that I have been able to apply to my own life. Not only that, but this class has greatly prepared me for my future, both in my career and in my everyday life.

Who is your favorite teacher or school district employee?

My favorite teacher is my Marketing and Economics teacher, Brookes Prince. Her passion for teaching is undeniable, and anyone can see the love she holds for her students. No matter what it takes, she always accommodates students’ needs to ensure we are all capable of success.

What is your proudest accomplishment as a student?

My proudest accomplishments as a student are my student of the year awards from my sophomore and junior years. These awards, which are given to the highest-ranking student in each class, are my proudest accomplishments because they recognize and reward all the hard work and dedication I put in each year. In other words, they remind me all the time and effort I put in are worth it.

What clubs, organizations, activities or sports do you enjoy participating in the most?

My favorite organization that I participate in is DECA. Joining DECA was one of the best decisions I made in high school because not only is the group a fun way to get involved, but it also helps students prepare for the business world. In addition to opening many opportunities, DECA taught me a plethora of skills I can use in my future career and even helped me determine my true passions in life.

What jobs or careers interest you the most?

I am most interested in careers in the business field due to my experiences in Marketing and Economics and DECA. Both uncovered my passion for the business world and accounting. Prior to enjoying these activities, I had no experience with finance-related information. As soon as I was exposed, I quickly became interested in the field.


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