Postsecondary Assessment


Postsecondary MS-CPAS Testing Resources

Postsecondary curriculum documents are located on the MCCB website.

Postsecondary blueprints are located on the RCU's Curriculum Download page under the Postsecondary tab.

This document contains the CTE testing dates for 2018-2019. Please mark your calendar with the dates that apply to your center.

This manual contains instructions for ordering and administering postsecondary MS-CPAS tests.

This document contains the pages from the CTE Testing Manual that test administrators and proctors will need for testing. Test coordinators can print this document and use it to train test administrators and proctors.

This manual contains supplementary materials that may be used on specific MS-CPAS tests.

The MS-CPAS login is the site where a CTE student can log in to take an MS-CPAS test.

The MS-CPAS Interpretive Guide is a reference document to be used for interpreting score reports.

Currently, there are no archived webinars available.

Use this spreadsheet to record and submit postsecondary student data for MS-CPAS testing.



Dr. Scott Kolle
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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