Coach University

Coach University

Coach University (Coach U) is a structured, year-long program of professional learning that is research-based and designed to develop exceptional instructional coaches, lead teachers, and educational leaders in schools and districts across Mississippi. Coach U builds a cohesive foundation for instructional coaching while developing sustainable staff capacity, promoting teacher effectiveness, and supporting student achievement.

Onboarding Dates

July 10-14, 2023

What Services Does Coach U Include?

Coach U is a program that takes place over the course of 12 months. The following services are included within this program:

  • Individualized on-site support
  • Group professional development
  • Foundational training with school staff and administrators
  • Learning tours
  • A statewide conference highlighting instructional best practices

What are the Desired Outcomes for Coach U Participants?

Upon completion of the program, instructional coaches will be equipped with skills to:

  • Facilitate whole-staff professional development
  • Conduct model lessons and co-teach
  • Support an instructional-rounds model
  • Help faculty use classroom evidence and multiple sources of data
  • Partner with principals as instructional leaders

Participant Feedback

"Coach U has helped me become a better teacher and mentor to my fellow teachers because it has given me tools to help encourage reflection. The strategies I learned through Coach U have been instrumental in helping the teachers I’m coaching reflect on their practice and improve their practice to improve student learning. I have also been able to use things I learned through Coach U to lead meaningful professional development and department meetings. Since I am still in the classroom teaching full-time, I have been able to use what I’ve learned to help improve my teaching which then improves my students’ learning. Coach U is the most useful and valuable continuing education I have completed throughout my teaching career."

Elizabeth Knight Rankin County School District

"Coach U has prepared me for a role that is vital to the pulse of the teaching and learning. Coaching builds up, empowers, and sustains."

Jennifer Carver Starkville Oktibbeha School District

"Instructional coaching allows teachers to get data about their classrooms without the pressure of being evaluated. Coaching allows for collaboration as a school to feel successful across the board. Teachers have confirmation on class participation or needed adjustments for lessons using the data taken from classroom visits. The presence of instructional coaching in my school introduces opportunities for teachers to collaborate during professional development on what works with certain students and what does not."

Brandy Burnett Golden Triangle Early College High School

"I once believed, like so many other classroom teachers, that instructional coaching was a punishment imposed on low-performing teachers as part of their individualized improvement plan. Today, that ill-conceived notion has been dispelled by what I have learned while studying instructional practices provided by the RCU-MSU team. Coach University has taught me that the true goal of instructional coaching is to improve student achievement through raising the quality of the daily instructional practices delivered by ALL TEACHERS. It has taught me that a major portion of school improvement lies in the collaborative efforts of teachers and instructional coaches to formulate plans to consistently improve upon the skills and implementation practices of the teachers and instructional coaches as well."

Aaron White Greenville School District

"In my first years of coaching, I was in urgent need of ways to improve my practice and focus my personal reflection. Through significant contact with master coaches and highly relevant assignments, Coach University provided a balance of big, overarching ideas and practical strategies for implementation. Because Coach U offers both research-based solutions to issues as well as personalized attention and reflection tailored to participants' particular situations, I came away feeling well-equipped to engage my school as an on-site instructional coach."

Ryan Eshleman North Panola School District

"Coach University taught me to look at teacher observation in a whole new way. I no longer go into a teacher's classroom observing them before having a pre-observation meeting with them. This allows the teacher to inform me of what it is that I need to look for in the observation that will help improve the learning within the classroom."

Alberta Raymond Hollandale School District

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